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The Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs (HIPA) is proud to publish this Directory of Public Officials. For the past several years, HIPA has undertaken this community service project with numerous partners to facilitate public participation in the legislative process. We hope you find that the directory proves useful in engaging both elected and appointed officials of federal, state and county governments.

Founded in 2001, HIPA is Hawai‘i’s leading nonprofit, nonpartisan and independent public policy institute, and has provided research, analysis and recommendations on the toughest public policy issues facing Hawai‘i. Through our work on issues such as modernizing our public schools, investing in public infrastructure and transforming our healthcare system, HIPA has provided the blueprint to bring about meaningful change in Hawai‘i.

We are proud to host this Web-based mobile version of the directory for a third year to make it even easier for you to engage with public officials and participate in the legislative process. We partnered with Olomana Loomis ISC and Hawaii Open Data to make this application possible.

We'd like to thank AT&T, Bank of Hawaii, ‘Ōlelo Community Media, Service Printers Hawaii and University of Hawaii Professional Assembly as co-sponsors of this year’s directory. Each organization’s commitment to public information and participation is embodied in this community service project.


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If you have questions, corrections or suggestions for this application, please contact hipadirectory@olomanaloomisisc.com.

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Hawai‘i Directory of Public Officials